Tower Clock Specification

“Wearing a crown is neither heavy, nor costly if you decided to have a JTI Clock”

             GPS Tower clock specification covers the technical details of JTI clocks, which help you to know the differences and the advantages of having a JTI GPS tower clock in your building rather than an ordinary one. Tower clocks are well-known for giving a land mark to the building and it’s a service to the public.

System Description:

             The conventional tower clock had many issues like large area requirements, inaccurate time reading due to winding mechanisms, presence of dust, birds, insects etc. JTI clocks provided an answer to these problems with a creative design. JTI tower clocks comes with ultra modern fault resistant circuits, microprocessors, quartz crystals and GPS to keep accurate time. The superior frictionless design of the clock with stainless steel and gun metal parts and dust proof body along with backup power system, ensure maintenance free running for years. Along with these we are providing GPS facility to our clocks to maintain accurate time anywhere in the world. 

JTI Clock Specifications:

             There are plenty of factors which help JTI Clock Company to hold the First position in GPS Tower clock section.  That’s its reliability, high performance, accuracy of time, long lasting, maintenance free, customer satisfaction, goodwill etc. These factors can be only achieved by having advanced specification in the machine compared to normal companies and they are mentioned below.

Mechatronics Technology

            JTI clocks are derived from the combination of Mechanical and Electronics.

Warm Gear technology

            JTI Clocks introduce Warm Gear Technology in the clock for the first time amongst the Worlds Clock manufactures. This helps JTI to reduce the number of gears in the clock and which will reduce the friction among them.

Duel Stepper Motor

For the first time in the world JTI come up with duel stepper motor methods for the movements of minute and hour hand. This will help the JTI clocks to avoid the unwanted movement of hands and thus reduce the time for adjusting the time and for saving electricity.

Duel RTC.

            JTI clocks come with one external Quartz controlled microprocessor bus oriented RTC (Real Time Clock) with a Lithium battery (3 years Life span for the battery) and an internal Low Current RTC (Real Time Clock). This RTC will be adjusted once in every 30 minutes to the time received from the master.  In case no data is available, no adjustment shall be done and the clock shall be display the local RTC time. Incase GPS signals get weaker or when the clock restart the circuit automatically compares both RTC times, if both provides similar time then the clock displays the time. Incase both the RTC shows two different times the clock resets to 12.00 (No Signal). That will avoid showing wrong time to the public. As soon as the clock receives signals from the transmitter it automatically sets the time immediately.

Nano Low current micro-processor/micro-controller

           To reduce the power consumption, JTI uses nano low current micro-processor/micro-controller, imported from US. Most of the components that we used are imported from US to avoid duplication and to increase the reliability of the clock.

Unique identity

           JTI clocks are coming up with a built-in UHF Transreceiver to create unique identity for each clock. This helps to track each clocks separately to obtain the detailed report incase of any failure (optional).

Self Calibration

           All RTC (Real Time Clock) will be varied due to the aging of crystal quartz and the temperature. This variation will be automatically adjusted with our specially designed tolerance circuit, only in JTI Clocks.

External GPS

           JTI Clocks comes up with a mouse type powerful external GPS receiver which help the JTI Clocks to receive more powerful signals and save time of replacement in case any failure happen to the GPS receiver. An LED indication is placed on the master controller to check the GPS signals.

JTI Master Control Unit

           JTI Master Control unit is made of eight distinct modules. The number of interconnecting wires, kept to the minimum to avoid interruption. JTI system operates satisfactorily between temperatures of 0° - 70°C. Power and interface lines are protected against voltage spikes. Short circuit protection would be provided for the power supply. Complete JTI system would be housed inside enclosure made of stainless steel. JTI Clock contains a reset/test switch to cross check the functioning of the GPS system. When this switch is operated the clock initialized 12.00 and resets to the local country time, where its stands. JTI Clocks will work on 110/230 Volt ± 15% AC, 50/60 Hz, and single phase power supply. In any case the battery is getting discharged the clock will reset the both hands to 12.00 position and shutdown the system. When the battery get charged clock will restart automatically and set to correct time.

  • The eight distinct modules are. 
  • Micro-processor/micro-controller board,
  • Motor Driver Board,
  • Power full Transformer with 110-230 option,  
  • Wireless Monitor with LCD Display,
  • UHF Tran’s receiver,
  • External GPS receiver,
  • Ampere Meter
  • Battery charging circuit board.


The modules are interconnected appropriately, such that replacement of any board shall not call for any de-soldering.

Clock Mechanism

           JTI Clock mechanisms are made of full steel and bronze (NO plastic parts). Die cutted power bended main plates and bottom plates are used for easy dismantling and assembling of the clock. All motors and gears are fixed with the main plate for the smooth functioning and repairing .Center wheel torque can carry weight from 50Kg till 10000 Kg based on the size of the clock. An extra steel cover should provide to the mechanism to protect from dust.

Battery charger and Battery

  • Along with the system JTI provided a SMF battery to support the clock for at least 48 hour. Battery can be charged from a low voltage
  •  JTI Clocks provides appropriate float/boost 2 Ampere 12V charger for the battery. Charger contains an automatic full charge and low voltage cut off and polarity reverse protection.

JTI Monitor

            We don’t want to take chances for displaying wrong time or stop working of our clocks. To eliminate all those chances we introduce a new monitor to check the functioning of our clocks automatically. The JTI monitor alert the people by making a small beep sound, if incase any of our system fails. Monitor is mainly provided to cross check the status of

    • Battery voltage ( good or Bad)
    • AC Voltage
    • GPS signal receiving or not
    • AC Failure report
    • Fault Identification
    • ID Based status report of each Clock.


GPS Receiver Mouse type

Power consumption

38ma at 3.3V input

C/A Code


Satellite tracking count




Tracking Sensitivity


Hot start

8 to 10 sec

Warm start

<32 sec

Cold start

45 TO 120 Sec, average




Built-in active antenna

Baud rate


Data Bit


Operating TEMP

-10 to 70 deg


NMEA0183 V3.0


Guarantee for 50 years

            JTI provides 2 years of free replacement system guaranteed for all parts. Our total system is have a service guarantee for 50 years That means we will provide all the service or supply parts  for 50 years at nominal charges.


           If the company is not having AMC from JTI, we will give training to the customer suggested person. A trained person can repair the system; if he finds any module or any part is defective we will provide the required part to him for replacement. Customer can call us any time for training, which would be chargeable as Rs 500.00 per day plus TA and Accommodation. 


           All installation expense should met by the customer. Arrange for stair folding for fixing dial and hands, arrange for wall cutting if required for fixing the dial. Arrange for power supply and plug points near to the system as per the request of our service technicians. Any issues raised from local labors should be solved by the customer. If the installation is not completed in one day, the customer should arrange for the accommodation.


           All packing charge for materials will be included in our price. Transportation charges for the product from the factory to the site should be met by the customer. Materials unloading at site, local labor charges should pay by the customer.

JTI Dial

           Different types of dials are available, Like Metal Fabricated dials, Fiber dials, wall surface dials and illumination dials. These dial comes with Arabic, Roman and plain index. Cost of the dials depends on the type, index, used for the fabrication.